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Why did I become a Health, Wellness and Life Coach, you ask?

As a young elementary/middle school aged girl, I suffered from a poor self-body image. I was taller and heavier than most other girls my age and I was very self-conscious about it.  I did not understand food and how it worked for my body at all.  I wanted to shrink so that I would look like others, so I rationed portions of a sweet or a carb not realizing that what I really needed was protein! Over time, I became very thin and  I felt sick. My family and friends became increasingly concerned about my well-being, and that was my wake-up call.  Slowly, I learned that I needed more food and healthy food!  Eventually,  I started to feel better and began to make the connection between nutrition, energy, mood, and weight! Actually, I was surprised at how much food I could eat and not gain weight when making better choices. People noticed me more and gave me compliments on how healthy I looked and how nice my skin and hair looked. I learned to embrace these compliments over the ones where people said, " you're so skinny."

My body image problem slowly improved. It was a process though! In high school, I got a job at a fitness studio way before going to a gym was COOL.  Throughout college I worked as a Fitness instructor and Aerobics instructor. I began running too. When I started running I could only run a few blocks!  With the right nutrition, training program, and energy level I was able to complete the Dallas White Rock Half and Full Marathons and numerous other Fun Runs. It’s been quite a few years now and I am still running.

After many years of marriage, I had slowly accumulated a few extra pounds and I wanted to keep my cholesterol in check too, so I joined Weight Watchers.  In 2009 I went to work for Weight Watchers as a meeting room Leader/Facilitator and Online Chat Coach. During my 8 years with Weight Watchers I helped many women and men reach their weight loss goals. I believe that I can accomplish much greater lifelong results on a personal level. Also, much more goes into losing weight and feeling great than just a diet. My coaching does not involve deprivation and calorie counting. It is a holistic approach in honoring yourself and developing healthy lifestyle habits in order to have the very best health, physically, mentally and spiritually! ! 

My husband and I have two daughters in college. As a family we enjoy swimming, hiking, skiing, fishing, archery, golf and just about anything that involves being outside.  I also walk, run and play on a tennis league . Because of my own story regarding weight, health and food, and the incredible reward in helping others to transform their lives, my passion now is to help coach people to make choices in alignment with their health goals so they can look and feel their absolute personal best. After all, your health is your GREATEST ASSET!   Are you ready?


What do i have

to offer you!

I give people the knowledge and skills they can use in everyday life that will help them holistically lose weight (without deprivation ), de-stress, increase their energy and transform their body!   


With the relentless demands of work and life responsibilities, what we are doing to try to change our bodies and manage stress is no longer working.  Sometimes we don’t know what to do to change or improve, but more often it’s that we’re stuck in a rut that’s difficult to break out of.  Our behavior occurs out of habit, either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands 95% of the time.                                                                                                       


That’s why we struggle to make changes that last. Even when the need for change is obvious and our intentions are strong, we often fall short.                                                                                                          


Did you know that 98% of all dieters gain the weight back, and that the average person makes a weight loss resolution at least ten separate times without success?  Why is that?  It’s because they don’t have the support or accountability.  So people default to their set habits, even when they know those habits make them feel lousy.  


This dysfunctional cycle typically continues to get worse.                                                                                    


Health Coaches like me come in, to provide the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY so you can - finally - make a total wellness transformation.  The mind is connected to the body in a powerful way, and they cannot be separated.  Health, Wellness and Life coaching easily brings together that connection and the results are transformation and life-changing. 


So here’s what I’ve got for you…. I would like to gift you and or someone you know a one hour-long “Wellness Discovery” session.

In your Wellness Discovery session you will learn:

         •    What’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body and the quality of life you want

         •   A powerful vision for your Transformation, and what it will mean for you and for your life

         •    Which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing you down...and what to do about it

         •    A step-by-step plan to establish a Total Wellness Transformation in 90 days or less


*This a great opportunity to see what I could do for you and what it would be like to work with me as your Coach.  Check out what I have to offer you in the videos below.  


If you or someone you love is ready for a change and could benefit from losing weight, reducing stress, gaining energy, and transforming their body for an enhanced quality of life, then book a Wellness Discovery Session with me now


These sessions are a $97 value, and are currently complimentary!  They are 1 hour focused entirely on YOU and how you can meet your health and wellness goals! You can schedule a session in the appointment section.   Along with your Wellness Session I will also gift you a free e-book of, “How to Lose Weight When Nothing Else is Working."


Now is your time to look and feel fabulous! Don't put it off.  You deserve to live your best life now not later!

I look forward to sharing a session with you soon.

To your best HEALTH!  




The Connection Between Sleep and Weight Loss-Mag and Vicki


Client Reviews

B, B & W LLC

Re: Testimonial for Wellness 365 Personal Coaching/Vicki Tichenor

”I am currently being coached by Vicki Tichenor, a certified Health and Wellness Coach. It has been simply life changing for me. Prior to beginning with Vicki, I was some 60 lbs. overweight and had not exercised in years. Simply put, I had become pot-bellied and out of shape. To-date, I have lost over 52 pounds and COULD NOT have done this without the help of Vicki!

As she has taught me and continues to teach me, eating and diet is not a fixed regiment, but a thoughtful lifestyle of learned habits. Vicki is your accountability partner (so critical in the weight loss process). She personally understands the struggle of losing weight and becoming fit - but knows and teaches that weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and the forming of new habits takes time, self-understanding, patience, and encouragement through the ups and downs of the process.

It takes personal commitment, but I have found over the years that sheer willpower and calorie counting are not enough. The undergirding of that “commitment” is where Vicki comes in - she not only gives you the necessary tools for losing weight and getting fit, but helps you to understand why you feel the way you do about eating.

I have found through Vicki that “understanding”, not simply doing, is the key to keeping my commitment and staying the course - as “commitment” ultimately becomes good habits and a way of life!

To say I would wholeheartedly recommend Vicki and her program to anyone would be an understatement. I promise you it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself and your family”

The journey to improving mind, body and soul can be challenging; doing this with the support and encouragement of Vicki has been a pleasure and a privilege! Vicki has a heart for people and their health and well-being. Her wisdom and techniques to guide me through the 12 week journey kept me on track; even with occasional setbacks, I felt empowered to continue and stay positive! The simple and straightforward guidance Vicki provided will last far beyond the completion of our journey. I am grateful to her for not only sharing this experience with me, but for being a lovely and positive influence in my life.
I hired Vicki as my wellness coach in January of this year. During my 90 day challenge I not only reached my goal but Vicki taught me so much more. Vicki’s plan is a holistic approach to health and well being. She will help you get the weight off but also teach you about good nutrition, (not all calories are created equal) taking care of your body, mind and soul.
As a former Weight Watchers leader for many years along with her training in health and wellness, Vicki has the experience you want in a wellness coach. She is dedicated in helping you reach your goal. She is not a cookie cutter coach. If one approach isn’t working or getting you the results, she’ll offer another until she finds the right approach for success that will work for you. Her weekly session notes are thorough and individually planned for you. They are an excellent source to keeping you on track during the week. Vicki will teach you healthy habits for life, ones you can rely on for successful maintenance to keep the weight off and live healthy and productively. I highly recommend Vicki as your Wellness 365 Personal Coach”

Vicki is an amazing health coach that takes the time to listen and work with you in an effort to make subtle changes that support a healthy lifestyle. From finding the best snacks to have on hand to developing a workout routine that fits your busy schedule, she guides you, supports you and keeps you focused on your mental, physical and health goals. Thank you for not only helping me lose weight, but also helping me develop a healthy balance in my life!

I've been working with Vicki for over a year now as health coaches and I can honestly say I know her work ethic, her values and beliefs as well as the results she has achieved for literally hundreds of clients. Vicki has helped them not only lose weight but more importantly, keep it off! She has helped both men and women develop the habits, mindset and strategies to live a healthier life! Thank you for being a part of my life, Vicki!


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